Saturday, May 7, 2011

You know those are animals, right?

This weekend, Hubs and I took a Walk-cation (known among my non-profit homies as the weekend trip resulting from attenting out of town, early morning fundraising walks*). Between bouts of me being awesome at my job, we enjoyed a good, old-fashion patio lunch.

Allow me to take you there with my words:

Under a bright blue sky, we sat in slightly uncomfortable metal chairs, among other totally normal diners. I had a chicken salad, which was good but didn't have enough greens and Hubs had fajitas that had soy sauce on them, which was really weird when we realized it, but he claims it wasn't bad.

I noticed a couple walk toward another outdoor table with a stroller. It was zipped up, presumaly to keep the baby out of the sun. Both the ma and pa looked unassuming. Black capris, a Twins shirt, iced tea.

Ma unzips the stroller and I saw lots of flowing blonde hair. I figured they had some squirmy, hairy toddler. Interest lost. Back to the chicken-heavy salad.

Then, some movement caught my eye. In the stroller. Oh, dear, that's a really scrawny baby. Oh, no. NO. Not a baby. A long-haired Yorkie. Wait, is that a pink bow in her hair? Is she wearing a dress? Yep. She is. And she has a brother. (How do I know it's a boy dog, you ask?) He's wearing a yellow and green striped polo and has shorter hair. All of this. In. A. Stroller.

It is too much to bear, but I retain my composure. Hubs didn't even turn around to view this majesty. I guess they were really good fajitas.

Just when I think it's too much - Yorkie siblings, in a stroller, at a restaurant, in outfits - Ma pulls out all the stops. She gives the dogs a bottle.


It was some kind of weird dog water bottle, but still. Icing on the cake of crazy.**

Thirsty Dog Portable Pet Water Bowl - 20 ounces

*Totally not a thing anyone says. Say this to a non-profit homie and they'll look confused.
** To the Dog Parents We Saw - I mean crazy in a good way. Clearly, you don't give a flying flip about what strangers at a restaurant think and I applaud you for that. Keep on keepin' on, Dog Parents.

Also, Happy Mother's Day! This little tale is dedicated to my own Mom, who also dresses her Yorkie in striped polos. You like how it all comes full circle? I do!

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  1. I lol while I read this post!
    I can imagine ma and pa being so nonchalant about their actions. I have to admit I do carry a water bottle for my dog on long walks but he drinks out of my hand not the bottle!


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