Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A lot to live up to

I hope you all had a Most Stellar Memorial Day Weekend. I did. My accomplishments were as follows:

  • Slept in for four glorious days.
  • Successfully drove a total of twelve hours with two cats. No one pooped in the car and no one scratched a person or passenger seat to shreds.
  • Browsed DSW and HomeGoods without buying a thing for myself.
  • Bought gas for under $3.50.
  • Watched a wedding. 
  • Ate my weight in taquitos at the wedding.
  • Recognized the opening strands of Sweet Caroline before anyone else and was first on the dance floor.
  • Spent quality time with my people and possibly awed them with my newly amazing shoulder muscles.
  • Commandeered a hotel pool for a family party.
  • Did not get sunburnt.
  • Finally figured out how to eat a chicken wing.
  • Visited Jefferson Barracks Cemetery and made the customary post-cemetery trip to TGI Fridays. 
  • Discovered the Trader Joe's baked version of Funions, which aren't terrible for you. Ate a whole bag.
  • Transplanted two tiny pine trees from my Nana's house to The Pit.
  • I Fast Eddie'd.
 My first weekend of summer was perfect. Here's to hoping all remaining summer weekends are as productive, as fun, as full of my favorite people and as lacking in sunburntness as this one was.

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