Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Looking forward

Oh, February. You're an especially busy month for this worker bee and as we round the final lap, I'm already dreaming of days that are not part of you. Specifically: days that are part of summer.

A list of my demands for those days:

  • Lemonade in a sweating glass, with a fancy straw, on the deck, umbrella up, bare feet up too
  • Loose and wild air-dried pool hair thrown into a bun, big sunglasses
  • Brunches on patios, mimosas, big sunglasses
  • Usage of the nearly record number of PTO days I have not taken from work yet
  • Many, many rum drinks on floaties in my redneck oasis
  • Swaying to harmonica-heavy music while chopping Farmer's Market veggies, windows open
  • Running in the morning, every morning, in shorts, fear of jiggly thighs banished by my hard work all winter (true story)
  • Late-night, jammie-covered trips to DQ, with car windows down
  • A quick and painless removal of our current front walk with a flat (!) one made of paver bricks, hilarity to ensue
  • Long, long bike rides, tan lines from athletic activity acquired
  • Cutting the grass, which always sounds fun during times like this, but in reality is one of my all-time least favorite activities because I'm afraid of the riding mower, so while Hubs does that, I'm left grunting and cussing at our old push mower. But the smells, I do like the smells associated here.
So, there it is: my third annual "I wish it wasn't February in Iowa" post.

Of course, there's lots of good in winter, too. I just hate blow-drying my hair.

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  1. Hey Alexson! I, too, was dreaming of all the great summer activities. Little did we know it would be the summer-of-hidin-out-in-the-AC!
    A few weeks ago I found your blog as I was browsing the Juice site. I started reading- from the beginning actually, and love your blog! I could've commented on many many posts as I read through! We seem to be a lot alike! And ironic, I was in a meeting last week and BJ, the exec dir of AHA gave a presentation on the teaching gardens you guys give to schools. I'm in Des Moines, too, and love reading about where other locals frequent and what they spend their time doing. I love your DIY projects! So cool that you guys did all that yourself! Can't wait to keep reading more!


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