Thursday, February 19, 2009

I’ll snap your ginger/What not to say when you work for a non-profit

First, I’d like to publicly thank my boyfriend for introducing me to Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Snaps. His mom sent them to us in a Valentine’s Day package, and though I generally shy away from ginger treats, these were amazing. They are more sweet than tart and delicious little bits of crystallized ginger make these little cookies extra wonderful. Fresh ginger and ground ginger round out the triple threat.

*This image comes from mizjellybean’s flickr site. She’s got way more cookie photog skills than I.

OK, now second (and utterly unrelated), I have a bone to pick. Recently, I overheard an employee of a non-profit I support bragging about how she uses her company-issued cell for all her personal calls. The worst part here is that the employee is in the organization’s marketing department! Now, I believe strongly in the mission of the organization, so this won’t affect my support – but, come on. You work in PR, you need to remember that how you behave and the choices you make reflect the organization you represent.

Happy nearly-Friday!

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